Vattis Art of Dance was founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in September 1993 teaching RAD classical ballet, ISTD modern theatre, SDBE Spanish dance, Greek folklore and Jazz.


Xenis Vattis (PDBE)

Born in Lysi, Famagusta, Cyprus, Xenis studied Physical Education in Athens University, specialising in Greek folklore dance. Upon graduating he formed his own Greek and Cypriot folklore company and continued his Dance Studies for a further four years at Diana Theodoridou’s ballet school in Athens specialising in ISTD Ballet, ISTD Modern, SDBE Spanish dance and Jazz Seminars in Spain.
Upon finishing his studies, he was invited to continue at Diana Theodoridou’s school as a teacher for the SDBE Spanish Dance society and he also taught in other ballet and drama schools. After three years of teaching and performing in Greece, he returned to Cyprus opening Vattis Art of Dance with his wife Jillian Skitt-Vatti.
Xenis is now a Professor and the Organiser in Cyprus for the SDBE Spanish Dance Society. He is also on the committee for the Cyprus dance federation.

Jillian Skitt- Vatti (RADtc.dist; FISTDexaminer)

Born in Birmingham, England, Jillian studied at “Laine Theatre Arts” Musical Theatre College in Epsom, London gaining her Diploma in Musical Theatre and Teaching qualifications for ISTD Ballet and Modern.
From 1991-1993 Jillian went to Athens, Greece and taught ISTD ballet, modern theatre and Jazz at Diana Theodoridou and Irene Christou’s ballet schools.
In 1993 she moved to Nicosia Cyprus with Xenis Vattis where they founded “Vattis Art of Dance”.
Along with full time teaching, Jillian continued her dance studies gaining her RAD Ballet teachers qualification in February 1994.
In 2004 she was invited and trained to become a modern theatre examiner for the ISTD.
Jillian is a member of the committee for “Lefkosia Youth Ballet “and also a member of “The Cyprus Dance Association”